About Us

Funding Support is a one-stop shop company based in Malta that specializes in EU funds and other funding opportunities for SMEs, government entities, local councils and non-governmental organisations. The company's core services centre around:

  • EU funds/national funds advisory services

  • Training on EU funds, project management and public procurement

  • Project management

  • Technical assistance on public procurement

Funding Support is backed by a team of experts to provide a comprehensive package solution to our clients and a top-notch quality service.  

Meet the Team

Maria Schembri | Director

Maria Schembri | Director

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Since 2002, Maria Schembri's professional experience has been focused on assisting public and private organisations tap into EU funding programmes as well as in managing large and small-scale EU funded projects. Between 2008 and 2011, Ms Schembri spearheaded the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee's (MEUSAC) EU funding unit which provides support and assistance to local councils and NGOs in identifying EU funding opportunities and assistance in drawing up funding applications. Under the headship of Ms Schembri, this unit managed to successfully secure over Eur15 million in EU funds over a span of 30 months. 

Between 2007 and 2008, Ms Schembri was self-employed as a consultant with the Ministry for Investment, Industry and Information Technology where she was responsible for the implementation and launch of four projects under the National ICT Strategy 2004-2006 and 2008-2010. Ms Schembri was also successful in obtaining over Eur1 million in EU funds in relation to ICT in education. She also formed part of the Strategy Execution Office with the Malta Information Technology Agency. 

Ms Schembri graduated with honours in philosophy and also holds a Master's degree in Creativity and Innovation, both from the University of Malta. Maria Schembri is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta and lectures Project Management at the Department of International Relations.

Alison Calleja (Camilleri) | Director

Alison Calleja (Camilleri) | Director

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Alison Calleja has been assisting NGOs, local councils and SMEs to tap into EU funds for over 9 years.  Ms Calleja started working in this field in 2009 at MEUSAC as an Executive EU Funds Officer and was later appointed Head EU Funding from 2011 till 2014. As Head EU Funding, Ms Calleja managed the EU funds section at MEUSAC, with the aim of increasing the number of local organisations that benefit from EU funds. In this way, specific technical assistance was provided to MEUSAC clients with the aim of identifying the ideal EU funding programmes, assist clients in drawing up EU funds applications and the provision of advice related project planning and design. Under the headship of Ms Calleja, MEUSAC assisted organisations in acquiring Eur15 million in EU funds over a 3-year period. Ms Calleja continues to offer assistance to public and private entities on EU funds and national funds at Funding Support. 

Alison Calleja graduated with honours in European Studies and also holds a Masters Degree in International Relations at the University of Malta. 

Alan Joseph Buhagiar | Project Manager

Alan Joseph Buhagiar | Project Manager

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Mr Buhagiar has been assisting NGOs and government entities in obtaining EU funds for over four years. From January 2012 and June 2016, Alan Joseph held the position of Projects Executive at MEUSAC, where he assisted over 80 organisations and managed to secure over Eur4 million in EU funds. During this period he also delivered seminars and presentations that were organised for specific target groups and the general public. For three consecutive years, Mr Buhagiar was responsible for the EU corner during Science in the City festival. He was also a regular spokesperson on EU funds at a national radio programme. 

In 2012, the Zabbar Civic Council honoured Mr Buhagiar with the Zabbar Youth Award for his involvement and leadership roles in a number of voluntary organisations in Zabbar. In fact, Mr Buhagiar had voluntarily managed two EU funded programmes for youths under the Youth in Action programme and two other national funded programmes for three local organisations.

Mr Buhagiar graduated with honours in Public Policy (Bachelors of Commerce) and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Malta.